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But Why Stop There?

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Out June27th 2020 from BadPressInk

 While Nobody Is Watching ...

"Lindsey Ryan might be one of the best and most original characters I’ve found in a long time. A self-destructive loner caught in the clutches of PTSD (which Dunne writes to perfection). Following a violent end to her  military career, she’s now working with society’s outcasts, which opens the door to some truly fantastic characters. But it’s when she's alone that our heroine’s life really gets interesting. Each page of this psychological thriller takes us that bit closer to the edge of our seat.

Lee Child has Jack Reacher, Karin Slaughter has Will Trent and now Michelle Dunne has Lindsey Ryan and I sincerely hope that this won’t be the last we see of her."

While Nobody is watching3 (1).jpg

"The sign of a good book, when you're lonesome for the characters once you've finished ..."