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Here's What the Readers Had to Say ...

The Invisible

"This wasn't going to be a thriller that kept hinting at dark secrets buried in the past to build tension. It was a book that banged me face first into a wall of unpleasant reality and promised that there'd be much worse to come." - Mike Finns Fiction

"Raw, realistic, frightening and altogether engrossing."  - Mairéad Hearne,

"Propulsive and compelling; don't start this book if you have anything important to do because you won't be able to stop."  Amy Cronin - Author of Blinding Lies

While Nobody Is Watching

"Page turning thriller debut from someone who knows the world's trouble spots up close. Michelle Dunne is the real deal." - Cathy Kelly

Set against a backdrop of Cork’s less salubrious back streets, and populated by a colourful cast of addicts, prostitutes, young offenders and former soldiers, While Nobody is Watching is a fast-paced thriller with a flawed but dynamic heroine at its heart ... Ryan herself is a gripping character as she battles her invisible enemies, the most vicious of which is the guilt which makes her life a living hell. - The Irish Times

Dunne’s portrayal of Lindsey’s efforts to keep PTSD at bay, which include both positive and incredibly self-destructive actions to get her out of her own head, is masterful, combining sensitive characterization and great plotting - Booklist

"Phenomenal! Absolutely loved every bit of this book. I didn't want it to end. I couldn't put it down."

"This book has it all, action, adventure, emotions, mystery, real life experiences, physical emotion and mental health. Michelle Dunne has struck gold with this story that strikes at the heart of its readers."

"Strong and damaged characters, a mystery thriller and an ending I didn't see coming -fantastic read!"

 "The strong protagonist pulled me into her world from page 1 and didn't let go. I was instantly invested in Lindsey and was smugly confident that I knew who the antagonist right up to the end...when I was proven totally wrong."

"While Nobody Is Watching is a gripping thriller that deals with gritty real world issues. The author’s military background and experience translates into a high degree of authenticity in dealing with subjects like PTSD, guilt and trauma. This is no boys own ‘action fantasy,’ this is a down and dirty psychological thriller rooted in the reality of ex-services life as Lindsey Ryan fights her personal demons."

"Michelle Dunne takes you to several worlds, only one of which is known to most of us. Seen through the eyes of Lindsey Ryan we are introduced to troubled children, drug addiction and the horrors of armed conflict overseas. Her story is full of authentic characters, including a wonderful canine, all bearing their different baggage and with different outlooks. It’s a great and often disturbing read."

"Powerful and affecting" 

The Turbulent Series

"First 'girly' book I've read in years and I loved it. Turbulent is a perfect description. Literally couldn't put it down!" 

"It was very funny and a really enjoyable read. Sad bits too but the balance was brilliant. ."

"Serious topics are handled with sensitivity and humour. Once you start reading, you won't be able to put it down!"

"Lots of drama, lots of laughs. You'll want to keep turning the page to see what's coming. I'm looking forward to reading the next book in the series."

"Great wit and very thought provoking. I would highly recommend!"

"Tangible, believable characters in unusual situations, makes for very entertaining reading. 5 stars easily"

"I really enjoyed this book. The characters were realistically flawed and while there are three different stories going on, each one is equally entertaining and they intertwine well. I got through the book in two enjoyable sittings!"

"I absolutely loved this book, the characters were so real, I felt like I knew them. A sign of a good book when you are lonesome for the characters when you finish it."

"Refreshing, quickfire wit tangible strong characters.... the lady has a great career in front of her!!! Looking forward to book three..."

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